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Hafa samband

Mjög vinsæl veiðiskot eru t.d. Camouflage 42 gr. nr 2 eða 4

Margir af þeim bestu nota RC haglaskotin til veiða.

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Margir af þeim bestu nota RC haglaskotin við veiðar

Great Results

The New Millennium has brought to RC the utmost of all satisfactions : the Gold Medal won by the great Michael Diamond in the Olympic Trap discipline at 2000 Sydney Olympics, shooting the famous RC 4 CHAMPION Excellence cartridges.

From then onwards it has been a constant succession of achievements among which Olympic medals as well as World, European, National Championships thanks to the constant presence of RC cartridges during the most important international competitions in all disciplines, in which they keep being the most shot and winning cartridges.

5 medals won at the last Olympic Games held in London in 2012, among which the golden ones gained by shooting RC4 CHAMPION Excellence by the Croatian shooter Giovanni Cernogoraz in the Trap Men and by the British Peter Wilson in the Double Trap Men discipline stand out, have to be added to the 9 Olympic medals won by the same cartridge in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 by the infallible Arabian prince Ahmed Al Maktoum (UAE) in the Double Trap Men discipline … great satisfactions felt even any time a shooter hits his target and a hunter his quarry. No matter what the activity is, Passion is the base of it all !

Hafa samband

Takk fyrir að hafa samband! Vinsamlegast fylltu út formið og við verðum í sambandi við fyrsta tækifæri.